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Collins KAL, Stuhlmiller T, Zawistowski JS, East MP, Pham T, Hall CR, Goulet DR, Bevill SM, Angus SP, Velarde SH, Sciaky N, Graves LM, Johnson GL, Gomez SM. Proteomic analysis defines kinase taxonomies specific for subtypes of breast cancer. bioRxiv doi:

Berginski ME, Creed SJ, Cochran S, Roadcap DW, Bear JE and Gomez SM. (2014) Automated analysis of invadopodia dynamics in live cells. PeerJ PrePrints 2:e20v1

Recent Papers

Perkowski EF, Zulauf KE, Weerakoon D, Hayden JD, Ioerger TR, Oreper D, Gomez SM, Sacchettini JC, Braunstein M. 2017. The EXIT strategy: an approach for identifying bacterial proteins exported during host infection. mBio 8:e00333-17.

Mobley RJ, Raghu D, Duke LD, Abell-Hart K, Zawistowski JS, Lutz K, Gomez SM, Roy S, Homayouni R, Johnson GL, Abell AN. MAP3K4 Kinase Activity Controls Chromatin Remodelers for Transitions Between Epithelial and Mesenchymal Phenotypes in Trophoblast Stem Cells. Cell Reports. 2017 Mar 7;18(10)

Vitriol EA, McMillen LM, Kapustina M, Gomez SM, Vavylonis D and Zheng JQ. Two functionally distinct sources of actin monomers supply the leading edge of lamellipodia. Cell Reports. 2015. 11

Server Status

12/12/17: Servers back up and running!

12/11/17: SERVERS
Both FAAS and IAS servers are currently down right now. We should have things back up and running soon and will post an update shortly.

After many weeks of pain and agony, Matt has managed to get the FAAS and IAS servers up and running on new hardware! See News and Events for more info if you are interested.

News and Events

Website and servers up and running!

We are happy to say that FAAS, IAS and our lab website our now back up and running again! This was an amazingly painful process that first began with intermittent hardware failures that were leading to crashes of FAAS and IAS. As we were trying to get this fixed...

New award to develop a gut-on-a-chip!

With Nancy Allbritton, Scott Magness and Scott Bultman, we have just received a 5-year NIH Transformative Research Award for the development of a human intestinal simulacra! Essentially a “gut-on-a-chip”, this work will establish a novel platform that...

Announcing the i4 Program

The i4 Program is a novel initiative within the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering that melds traditional undergraduate engineering education with biomedical entrepreneurship. Composed of four phases of need Identification, Ideation, Innovation and...

Coverage of our Engineering Solutions to Health Problems workshop

In April, I headed up the development and organization of an all-day workshop focused on bringing together clinicians and scientists/engineers to focus on the identification of unmet clinical needs. There was a huge amount of interest, with sufficient demand that we...

Over half a million images processed!

Our platform for automatically tracking and analyzing fluorescently labeled features such as focal adhesions has processed over half a million images.  We are currently over 514,000 images that have been processed in 18011 experiments from over 600 external IP...

Still dealing with DoS and related complications

There are still Denial of Service attacks going on that have made all of our department’s sites and others very slow. In addition, FAAS and IAS are currently not accessible from outside UNC. This is being fixed, so we hope to at least have at least these tools...

DoS fun

While FAAS and IAS are both up and running fine, our main lab website has been down intermittently due to Denial of Service attacks happening across the University. Hopefully, everything will all be good as new soon.

IAS and FAAS are down

The web server running our bioimage web services, and, had a kernel panic and is in the process of being fixed. We are working on fixing things and will have it up and running as soon as possible. If you use either of these services,...

Shannon's paper in Oncotarget!

Shannon’s paper “Transcriptome-wide identification and study of cancer-specific splicing events across multiple tumors” has been accepted for publication in Oncotarget. From the abstract: Dysregulation of alternative splicing (AS) is one of molecular...

Abstract nominated for top presentation

Kyla’s presentation of “The Activation State of the Breast Cancer Kinome: Characterization of Subtypes and Identification of Key Regulatory Kinases” was nominated as a top presentation in the Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology Track at...

Over 400,000!

We have now processed 400,453 images, from 10,310 experiments and 388 IP addresses (representing other labs) through our adhesion analysis server – not too shabby! Looking forward to half a...

Great time at BMES 2014!

We had a great delegation of grads and undergrads representing the department at BMES 2014 in San Antonio. Lots of good science and Mexican food!

Still not out of the web server woods yet…

We are still having intermittent problems with the server that runs our and web applications. We hope to have them all resolved soon, but please contact smgomez at unc dot edu if you are having problems in the mean time.

FAAS and IAS are back online!

It looks like all the changes by the medical school have been dealt with and both the focal adhesion analysis ( and invadopodia analysis ( are now accessible again. Please let us know if you encounter...

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