Shannon’s paper “Transcriptome-wide identification and study of cancer-specific splicing events across multiple tumors” has been accepted for publication in¬†Oncotarget. From the abstract:

Dysregulation of alternative splicing (AS) is one of molecular hallmarks of cancer, with splicing alteration of numerous genes in cancer patients. However, studying splicing mis-regulation in cancer is complicated by large noise of tissues-specific splicing.  To obtain a global picture of cancer-specific splicing, we analyzed transcriptome sequencing data from 1149 patients in TCGA project, producing a core set of AS events significantly altered across multiple cancer types. These cancer-specific AS events are highly conserved, more likely to maintain protein reading frame, and mainly function in cell cycle, cell adhesion/migration, and insulin signaling pathway. Furthermore, these events can serve as new molecular biomarkers to distinguish cancer from normal tissues, to separate cancer subtypes, and to predict patient survival. We also found that most genes whose expression is closely associated with cancer-specific splicing are key regulators of the cell cycle. This study uncovers a common set of cancer-specific AS events altered across multiple cancers, providing mechanistic insight into how splicing is mis-regulated in cancers.